That’s what The Bookseller is reporting.  The new Simba Information report (purchase only) says that 40% of iPad owners haven’t read a book on it and 45% of respondents saying that they read ebooks on the PC or Mac.

Senior analyst and author of the report Michael Norris said: “A lot of people equate the sale of a new sale gadget with the creation of a new reader, and it just doesn’t happen. In both the offline and online world, there are a lot of independent factors and distractions that will keep a person from discovering and enjoying a book.”


  1. So, more people ( 60% ) HAVE read books on their multi-function iPads than not.

    Which is MORE than the stated 45% who read ebooks on PC’s.

    Why are we focusing on the negative spin and not the positive?

    On a device that isn’t a dedicated ereader I would think these are good numbers. You’ll never see 100%.

  2. Oh dear me, I can’t resist rewording the post title:

    “Large proportion of iPad users don’t read.”

    I am ashamed of myself. Really, I am. But, it’s all in good fun, wot ?

    To anyone who thinks I want to start a flame war: I’m using a Galaxy Tab myself, and I’m dagnabbed if I can find an actual real-world use for the thing, so the joke is on me.

  3. I do my reading on my Kindle or Nook Color, but also own an iPad. I do download cookbooks onto the Kindle app on the iPad but those are not for long-form reading. Does anyone read a cookbook cover to cover? The other Kindle books I download to the iPad are those where I want to see the color illustrations. One of these is James Gleick’s book, Nature’s Chaos which I think has around 100 color photographs and these are beautiful on the iPad. Using the “spreading” technique, you can enlarge to the size of the screen.

    But no, I do not really read on the iPad nor have I ever bought an iBook. I have heard it said that those who read one or two books a year are happy to read them on the iPad. In any given year I read between 100-150 books so that wouldn’t work for me.

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