Lenovo CPlusSamsung has been getting a lot of press lately for its bendable, flexible, rollable smartphone concepts – still largely vaporware. Kudos for Lenovo, then, for demoing devices that actually appear to work, and that we all would like to have.

At this year’s Lenovo Tech World 2016, alongside a slew of other smartphone and tech announcements, Lenovo showed off the CPlus and the Folio, both from its labs. The Folio, as you might guess, folds in half, and probably will appeal to those who want a more book-style format. But the CPlus is actually a candy-bar phone that bends, into a wristband form factor if that’s the way you want to use it. You can see more of both devices in action on YouTube here, courtesy of mobilenet.cz, or on Lenovo’s official feed here.

As showcased by Peter Hortensius, Senior VP and CTO at Lenovo, the company’s new tech demo star Meghan McCarthy showed off the CPlus during the event simply by folding it round her wrist, live. The YouTube video shows clearly (at around 3:40) that these are anything but non-functioning mockups: The CPlus’s screen is apparently fully functional, and updating in real time, on the curve. Hortensius points out, though, that this is about more than the screen technology itself, but all the other components that also need to bend – motherboard, battery, etc. All of which tech puzzles Lenovo has now apparently cracked.

“This isn’t a product yet, but it’s a sign of things to come,” Hortensius concluded. I for one can’t wait. The usage and e-reading scenarios in there are practically mind-boggling.


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