I was delighted to receive an assortment of Kindle cases from M-Edge to review. My Kindle, which I bought second-hand, came with the official Kindle case. But I had been hearing alarming stories about the hinging system it uses damaging people’s Kindle devices, so I was looking for a less invasive alternative. I love my Kindle and not only that, it was a fair-sized investment for me, so I did not want to damage it.

The two cases I got from M-Edge both do not use the Amazon hinge system, although models which do use it are available. The Page Sleeve is a leather slipcover meant for those who plan to read the Kindle ‘naked’ (i.e. not in any case) and the Halsea Jacket is a lush fashionable line designed for reading and carrying at once. Here were my thoughts on each case.


sleeve.jpegThis was a leather slipcover with a fold-over tab on top to hold the Kindle securely. The one I was sent was pink. It was padded, but sleek and very attractive. I chose this one over the side-loading slip sleeve because I wanted to be able to carry the Kindle inside it while still having access to the headphone port for using text to speechFor everyday use, I found that I did not reach for this case as often because was a little too snug for me. I had to tug pretty hard to get the Kindle out and it was easier to use the other case since I could just grab and go. If you really do prefer reading the Kindle ‘naked’ then this might be the case for you, though. And I could see this being a great case for those who are traveling and want to carry the Kindle securely without adding bulk.


halsea closed.jpegThis is by far the most beautiful device case I have ever used. The exterior has a bright blue-patterned design and the interior has a plushy brown lining. It’s a little bulkier than other cases I have tried, but it really is a glamorous case that makes the Kindle feel special.

The outside is a plastic-like material, which is comfortable and easy to wipe clean. I appreciated this because I do get sweaty hands sometimes when I am reading for long periods and holding a reader and case flat against my hands. The only problem was that if you fold the case back to read one-handed, your hand will be up against the plushy interior, which would not be as easy to clean and care for.

halsea open.jpegThe case does not use the hinge system which caused the problems people had with the original Kindle cases. It uses leather loops and tabs in the corners to hold the Kindle securely. It was easy to get the Kindle in and out, and it was a snug and secure fit when the Kindle was inside.

Unlike the sleeve, this case is also compatible with their e-Luminator2 booklight, which is handy. The light slides into a small opening at the side to place it into the right position for reading. I don’t generally read with a booklight so this is not a feature I would use often, but it’s a nice feature to have available.

I found that after a few weeks of testing, this was my preferred case. The Kindle was easy to remove for ‘naked’ reading, and I really liked the easy-clean exterior. There is another, slimmer version going on sale tomorrow called the ‘Halsea Bay Jacket’ which has the same laminated exterior and a slimmer profile on par with their popular Trip Jacket line. That might be a better choice for those who want a sleeker option but who prefer the look of the Halsea designs.


This is the first line of cases I have seen for the Kindle which adds a little bit of life to the whole thing. No drab black and grey like the default Kindle and Sony cases—these guys do colour and patterns and cool designs. Other cases on the website include options in colourful neoprene material, and a design that looks like the cover of the New Yorker magazine.

The cases are practical too. They are made of high-quality materials, with extra thought given to details like the booklight integration. They are well-constructed and durable. I appreciate too that they are safe and gentle for the reader and will not damage it, which was my concern with the original Kindle case.

My only concern is with cleaning. I had a canvas case for my Sony Reader and it picked up dirt and sweat over time. Leather and plushy suede interior is nice, but now to clean it? Even their neoprene models have the fleece interior. I’d love a case where the inside is laminated too and one could just wipe it down from time to time.

I find the Halsea Jacket best for my needs so far, with its laminated exterior—it can drape nicely over my lap for reading on the couch, and I can remove it easily for reading ‘naked’ should I want to hold the Kindle in my hands without the extra weight. It also makes the Kindle look like a real book, standing upright on a shelf. It is a tiny bit on the large side for every-day carrying around though. I might try out the smaller Halsea Bay jacket at some point.

Any of these cases offer fashionable, durable protection for the Kindle and are available in custom models for other readers like the Nook and the iPad. It is important to evaluate your needs, though. If you want to minimize bulk, you’ll need a different style of case than if you want one with the booklight integration and you plan to install you device and leave it there.


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