Jean-Marie GeffroyAfter my earlier reports on the name change for leading EPUB ereading app Mantano to Bookari, and its new logo and branding, I spoke to Jean-Marie Geffroy, President of Mantano. He shared some further details about the significance of the new brand, and about future plans for the app, and the company.

According to Jean-Marie Geffroy, the new name for the Mantano app doesn’t signify any change of ownership for the company. Despite some attractive offers to buy Mantano, he says, the company plans to continue as an independent entity and to develop its platform autonomously. The new name, logo, and branding, though, signify the company’s intentions to make its platform simpler, more unified, and easier for current and potential users to understand and come on board with. These also include plans to address the information deficit I noticed earlier, by improving Mantano’s business communications and publicity materials.

As for the app itself, Jean-Marie Geffroy says that the first release under the new Bookari identity will include new features, which will be expanded and developed further in ensuing upgrades. These will include strong support for the EPUB standard. As a board member of the Readium Foundation, which “develops technology to accelerate adoption of EPUB3 and the Open Web Platform by the global digital publishing industry,” Jean-Marie Geffroy confirms that Mantano will continue the same commitment to implementing that standard which attracted me to the Mantano ereading app in the first place.

We’ll bring you further updates on Bookari, Mantano, the Readium Foundation, and EPUB3 standard adoption as these arise. Keep on watching this space.


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