What do you look for in a woman? Mark Grist has something to say about it. According to him, it doesn’t always have to about physical attributes – but, of course, those bits are nice too.

Here’s a video performed by Mark Grist, who is a poet and Educational Consultant, according to his website.

His newest video is titled “Girls Who Read.”

Here’s an excerpt from it, but it’s worth watching:

“I would like a girl who reads, who needs the written word and who uses the added vocabulary she gleams from novels and poetry to hold lively conversation in a range of social situations.

I want a girl who reads. Whose heart bleeds at the grey and green and even Heat magazine, who ties back her hair while reading Jane Eyre and goes cover to cover for each Waterstone’s three for two off of.

But I want a girl who doesn’t stop there.”

Nice to see a guy who can look past the obvious. And while you’re checking out his site, watch his “rap battle” video. Rapping and poetry combined to motivate teenagers. Cool stuff!


  1. Blecchhh! Seriously? Pretty much everyone reads. Pointing it out in women as if it amazing that they might do so isn’t exactly feminism. This reminds me of 80’s feminism where femininity was hated and women had to be severe and a-sexual to be considered strong. It also sounds like it comes from some douche who wants to act as though all OTHER men are a-holes and then hold themselves up as some sort of knight-in-shining alternative. The majority of men look for someone they connect with on many levels. If that isn’t your experience that probably says something about you, not about 3.5 billion people.

    If this is the best thing we have to say in 2013 on men and women, we are in a sad place.

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