Since I just received a shiny new iPad (fourth generation) as an early birthday present, I’ve been doing more reading in Marvin, which I reviewed earlier this year.

There have been several updates since my initial review, and one of the things I noticed was a “Calibre Connector” in one of the menus.

I did some searching and discovered that books can by synced to Marvin directly through Calibre, over a wired sync. Since Marvin has one of the best Dropbox integrations I’ve ever seen, I wouldn’t suggest this for loading one or two books, but it’s a great way to sync lots of books.

Here’s how:

So there you go. Syncing books to Marvin using Calibre.

And if you haven’t checked out Marvin recently, it’s just getting better and betetr. The feature I’m most enjoying is setting a time for Marvin to remind me to stop reading. I clear all toolbars and progress meters and just dive into the book, knowing Marvin will keep me from reading all night.


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