mirasol2 Om Malik reports on GigaOm that Mirasol’s low-power, sunlight-readable displays, previously scheduled for launch in 2010, are now expected to come to market in early 2011. Gizmodo notes that this is also about when the new displays from Pixel Qi are going to come out.

It will be interesting to see what the sudden availability of not one but two low-power sunlight-readable display options is going to do to the e-reader market. The current best solutions for color reading involve LCD, which is washed out by direct sunlight. Will new-display readers drive LCD readers’ prices down? Or will the displays be expensive enough that LCD devices will still be able to remain competitive?

In another display-related note, Engadget reports Toshiba has “frozen” its plans for going into OLED display production, and will be sticking with LCDs for now. Of course, in terms of power consumption it’s already been mentioned that OLEDs really aren’t the best choice for e-book readers anyway.


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