kindle-wifi.jpgHere are a couple more reviews that are worth your time. I’ve selected excerpts that deal with the browser.

The first is from The EBook Reader. Among other things the reviewer says:

I opted for the WiFi only model because I couldn’t foresee needing to use the 3G all that often—but now I’m regretting that choice because the new WebKit browser actually works better than I’d expected, at least with WiFi. It’s not blazing fast and is somewhat limited but is useful for checking email, getting news updates, downloading free ebooks from Feedbooks, Project Gutenberg, Baen, etc., and the article mode is a cool feature.

The second is from Dear Author:

The Kindle 3 sports a webkit browser which is supposed to do a better job of rendering pages. Don’t go to Dear Author because it crashed my Kindle 3 each time I attempted to load it. I had better results with sites like Twitter or Google or even Gmail because of the lack of images. I powered up IbisReader because IbisReader allows you to upload DRM free ePubs and read them on the web.

The IbisReader actually looked fairly decent although the letters were crisper and looked more like a native book in the Article Mode. The problem was in Article Mode, you couldn’t access any links. In order to move to the next chapter, you would have to switch to Web Mode. …

Click on the thumbnails for larger images. [Not included in this excerpt.] The first one is article mode and the second is web mode. The benefit to this is that you can read your epubs (DRM free) via the Kindle but only by using IbisReader. Otherwise, you’ll need to convert your epubs to mobi. This does give you some insight on how you will be able to access the Google Editions cloud from a Kindle device as well. Problematically, is that currently there is no caching of content so you would a) always need access to the internet and b) have to reload a book each time you visited the web. Not ideal.

And some really techie info from iReaderReview:

Go to Settings page and type in 311 or 711 or one of the other numbers listed below –

311– providers
411– one page of info
611– now 6 pages of info on everything 3G communication
711– wi-fi


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