copyrightLawyers Say iPods Deleted Songs Not Purchased from Apple (GigaOM)
Songs on iPods not purchased through Apple mysteriously disappeared on some devices, say consumer advocate lawyers in the current suit against the company.

This Comic Book Tells You Everything You Need to Know About Copyright (Lifehacker)
Reading up on copyright and fair use laws isn’t most people’s idea of fun. This comic book from Duke University, however, translates law basics into an interesting, visual story.

Libraries Reinvent Themselves in the Digital Age (GoodeReader)
A recent report by the Library Journal has stated that 95% of all US libraries have an e-book collection. That’s up from 89% in both 2013 and 2012, when researchers thought that adoption had plateaued for good.

Getting Books More Retail Shelf Space is Going to Require a New Approach (Mike Shatzkin)
That bookstore shelf space is disappearing is a reality that nobody denies. It makes sense that there are people trying to figure out how to arrest the decline.

Kindle Daily Deal: Before I Burn (and others)

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