ios 8.1.1How iOS 8.1.1 Affects Performance on Older Devices (Lifehacker)
Which is to say, if you’re still rocking iOS 7 on an older device, it’s probably best to stay there.

Apple Ends Patent War on Android, Deal Suggests (GigaOM)
Apple has decided to end a bitter legal war against Google and Android phone makers, and to turn away from patent tactics that have cost the smartphone industry billions of dollars, according to reports and new court filings.

Kobo Now Lists File Type and if it Has Adobe DRM (GoodeReader)
When you are browsing the online Kobo catalog their is a new section at the bottom of the description. It is called Download Options and lists the eBooks are EPUB 2, EPUB 2 (Adobe DRM), PDF, PDF (Adobe DRM).

Simon & Schuster Modifies its Library eBook Program (GalleyCat)
Simon & Schuster has made some changes to the rules for its library eBook program.

Kindle Daily Deal: To Serve Them All my Days (and others)


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