scalzi on subscriptions9 Reasons for Optimism for the Future of Journalism Education (Media Shift)
Back in October, I delivered opening remarks at the Reynolds Journalism Institute’s Green Shoots in Journalism Education event. I said I can be accused of donning rose-colored glasses, of seeing the curricular glass as at least half full.

New Kobo eReader to Have a Wacom Display (GoodeReader)
I have heard various rumors coming out of Taiwan that the new Kobo Aura HD will be using a specialized version of Wacam called “WILL.”

Subscription Model Squabbles (John Scalzi)
So, authors, you’ll all remember when, in the middle of the Amazon-Hachette spit-fight, I noted that Amazon isn’t your friend, it’s a business entity with its own goals, which may only tangentially align with yours (and the same goes for Hachette)?

Yup, 2014 Was a Big Year in Cloud (GigaOM)
2014 was the year in which both Microsoft and Google got serious about their public cloud options and taking on Amazon Web Services directly with their own Infrastructure as a Service and associated services.

Kindle Daily Deal: Best American 2014 Series (and others)


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