author earningsUsing Twitter to Gain Exposure as a Writer (Writers Helping Writers)
Fortunately for us all, there are a multitude of opportunities to get that needed exposure today; all you need to do is sign online for many of them to open up to you. One area alone with many chances to take advantage of is the fast-moving social media platform of Twitter.

Why the ‘Author Earnings Report’ is Misleading (
So, first I’ll do a quick roundabout of the problems with the May’s report. Then I’ll give my own analysis of the (limited) data. And I’ll finish with a few suggestions to

Boot Linux or Windows 8 from your Android device with DriveDroid (Android Community)
Here’s a new app that converts an Android smartphone into a bootable CD or USB stick that can boot a PC into multiple operating systems. It can do a lot of things including support bootable ISO and IMG files and emulate USB and CD rom drives. This means you can boot Linux or Windows 8 distributions.

Wattpad Releases Amazingly Useful iWatch App (Ink, Bits & Pixels)
Wattpad’s app won’t let you write on the iWatch, but it will let authors track their stats.

Kindle Daily Deals: The Summer Queen (and others)


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