Self-Published eBooks Account for 12% of Entire Digital Market (Good e-Reader)Morning Roundup
Bowker Market Research is reporting today that self-published eBooks now account for 12% of the entire digital publishing market. In some cases, the number actually rises to a very respectable 20%, but is fairly genre specific to crime, science fiction and fantasy, romance and humor.

OpenDyslexic Font Helps Readers with Dyslexia Read (GalleyCat)
Designer Abelardo Gonzalez has created OpenDyslexic, a free, open-sourced font that can help people with dyslexia read a book more effectively.

Finally, a Guide for Journalists to Navigate Fair Use of Copyrighted Material (Media Shift)
I have these talks pretty often with clients and former students (note to self: do a better job of teaching copyright law), and the reason is straightforward: Many public communicators, including journalists, struggle to apply the fair use doctrine in their daily work. They seek legal counsel, and sometimes they ask what other journalists would do in the same or similar circumstances.

How People Read Online: Why You Won’t Finish this Article (Slate)
I’m going to keep this brief, because you’re not going to stick around for long. I’ve already lost a bunch of you. For every 161 people who landed on this page, about 61 of you—38 percent—are already gone. You “bounced” in Web traffic jargon, meaning you spent no time “engaging” with this page at all.

Kindle Daily Deals: Three novels by Traci Hohenstein (and 3 others)


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