Digg App Updated for iOS with Digg Reader (The Digital Reader)
Digg rolled out an update to their iOS app this morning. It’s a very small update, and it really only added a single feature: Digg Reader.
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On the Likelihood of Academia ‘Taking Back’ Scholarly Publishing (Scholarly Kitchen)
Fast-forward to last month, when I wrote a post about what I believe to be “signal distortions” contributing to a very weird set of economic dynamics in the scholarly publishing industry. At the end of that piece I mentioned that there are some who would clearly welcome the “taking back” of scholarly publishing by the academy, and I promised to share thoughts about that.
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Don’t Count Out Barnes & Noble (Digital Book World)
Reporters, bloggers, pundits, readers and investors are all ganging up on them. Much of it is deserved. There is a lot of excellent coverage on the management and situation of B&N at Forbes, Publishers Lunch, paidContent and DBW. While there is a lot more pain to come for B&N, there is still value here.
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Children’s eBook Discovery a Focal Point for Retailers (Good e-Reader)
One of the pressing issues for booksellers, both physical and digital, continues to be book discovery. During an interview last week with Kobo’s Chief Content Officer Michael Tamblyn, the conversation veered to the topic just long enough to understand the steps that retailers are taking to address the issue of children’s ebook discovery.
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Kindle Daily Deals: Hillbilly Heart (and 3 others)


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