piracyThree Strikes Law Does Nothing to Curb Piracy, Research Finds (Torrentfreak)
Several countries including the US and France have implemented so-called “strikes” systems to warn and punish P2P file-sharers. The goal of these programs is to reduce piracy, but do they have any effect on people’s downloading habits? New findings published by U.S. and French researchers show that these anti-piracy measures don’t stop or even reduce piracy.

Health Canada scientists setting up unofficial libraries as national libraries fail (Boing Boing)
It takes an insanely long time for them to receive any materials due to third-party delivery companies; they’ve started opening up their own unsanctioned libraries and have started taking advantage of external sources (industry and universities).

3M Expands Cloud Library Ebook Platform to Canada (Digital Book World)
3M Library Systems announces the Canadian launch of the 3M Cloud Library eBook Lending System. Highly anticipated, this expansion makes Canada the first country outside of the U.S. to gain access to the service.

Court Dismisses Copyright Lawsuit, Noting IP Address Is Not Enough Evidence For Infringement (Techdirt)
A few courts have noted similar things, but Fight Copyright Trolls and TorrentFreak both recently covered an interesting district court ruling out of Seattle, where Judge Robert Lansik noted that the producers of the movie Elf Man failed to state a claim for relief, since the only evidence they had was an IP address — which wasn’t enough to actually implicate any particular person in copyright infringement.

Kindle Daily Deals: Japantown (and others)

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