halloweenA Scary Story for Halloween: The Curious Case of the Phantom Authors (Scholarly Kitchen)
Halloween wouldn’t be complete without a ghost story, and while we’ve covered ghost writers in the past, a bizarre paper retraction takes things to a new level.

Amazon Should Shelve Reading Recommendations (The Guardian)
Does it annoy you when a bookseller like Amazon keeps emailing you after a purchase with further suggestions for what it considers similar books? It seems to me that that the last thing I’d want to read after finishing a book is another just the same.

Kobo eReaders and Tablets to be Available in 60 Eason Locations in Ireland (GoodeReader)
Kobo has just signed off on an agreement to their entire line of e-readers and tablets available at over 60 Eason bookstores in Ireland.

When Fans Hate Finales, Who is at Fault? (Book Riot)
Can a reader be wrong in how she feels when she finishes a book? Can a reader be wrong for believing strongly that she was betrayed or let down by an ending that differs from what it was she wished for?

Kindle Daily Deals: Halloween-Themed Books (and 4 others)


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