amazon germanyAll’s Not Well at Amazon Germany (GoodeReader)
Just in time for the holidays, workers at several Amazon retail distribution centers situated throughout Germany have staged a series of one-day strikes in an effort to force the retail giant’s hand in terms of labor disputes involving pay rates and working conditions within the factory-like centers.

eReatah Re-Brands as Entitle, Relaunches to Public (Digital Book World)
One of the ebook subscription services that launched this fall has already re-branded itself and embarked on a relaunch with lower prices.

In 12 years of blogging, the more things change, the more they stay the same (GigaOM)
Over the past 12 years, blogging has gone from being a niche curiosity to becoming a catch-all phrase for everything from rants to press release rewrites. However, what has not changed is its ethos and its importance in an increasingly content rich world.

New York Times’ Favourite Book Covers of the Year (GalleyCat)
The New York Times has chosen their favorite book covers and given a shout out to the designers.

Kindle Daily Deals: Ade (and 4 others)


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