BookLikes integrates with KindleBlog Platform for Book Lovers BookLikes Integrates With Kindle (Digital Book World)
BookLikes, free and independent blog platform designed for book lovers, introduces reading progress synchronization for Amazon Kindle.

Nintendo Kills Functionality for Wii, DS Titles, Highlighting the Need for Greater User Control Over Content (Techdirt)
Whether it’s music or games, we’ve seen countless examples of how the content you think you own can either be taken away from you entirely — or can suddenly be greatly limited, often with little to no warning.

eBook Subscriptions Part 3: The Future Should Be Significant (Brave New World)
In the last two articles we looked at today’s subscription market and some of the players, but what of the future? Do we really believe that the consumer will continue to want to ‘buy’ eBooks that they effectively don’t own, that they can’t easily share with others and that they are prohibited from reselling?

Want to Read about Writing? Here Are My Five Favorite Books about Writing (The Happiness Project)
Every Wednesday is List Day, or Tip Day, or Quiz Day. This Wednesday: My five favorite books about writing.

Kindle Daily Deals: Solo (and others)


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