Why Tablet Magazines are a Failure (GigaOM)

Dedicated magazine apps for tablets may look good, but I fear they’re headed straight to oblivion.


Book Sales in New Zealand Fall 15% While eBooks Soar (GoodeReader)

The New Zealand Book industry has fallen by over 15% in the last six months as major publishers abandon the print sector.


Kindle Paperwhite Review: eBook Reader Gets Warmer, Faster (Tech Hive)

The second-generation Paperwhite is the best dedicated ebook reader you can buy, with a high-contrast screen that lights itself.


eBooks Are Changing reading Habits (USA Today)

David Delk, 47, remembers “the old days,” when his extended family went on vacation carrying three or four bags filled with about 30 books and another 30 magazines. In a digital age, packing is easier.


Kindle Daily Deals: The School of Essential Ingredients (and 4 others)


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