ebook subscriptionsJK Rowling Can do Whatever the F— She Wants (Book Riot)
Here’s the thing about writing a response piece. You don’t want the opinion your response is directed toward to be completely idiotic and insane.

Make Your Website Do the Work: The 6 Site MUST-Haves to Sell More Books, Improve Your Credibility and Grow Your Following (Author U)
Simply put, your website is the hub and heart of everything you do online. This is your chance to completely express who you are, what you do and the value you can add to others.

eBook Subscription, Part 1: Will it Change Publishing? (Brave New World)
Many new eBooks services are setting themselves up with claims to be the next Netflix or Spotify. They aim to be the subscription service for eBooks. But are they just dreaming and hoping that there is a market? Are they truly aligned, or are they adrift of consumer demand?

Is There Anything Slower-Moving than a Publisher? (The Scholarly Kitchen)
I was sitting in my kitchen with a tortoise, a slug, and a bowl of cold molasses and contemplating how nobody in this industry seems to feel any sense of urgency.

Kindle Daily Deals: Four Mysteries by Jude Hardin (and others)


  1. J.K. Rowling can do whatever she wants. I couldn’t care less what she writes, when she writes, or where she writes. I’m not going to read her again. I read a few Harry Potter books for a book club. They were nothing special – except they got tossed on a bandwagon. A very big bandwagon and now everyone wants to cheer or feel left out.

    Writers have no control over what’s on the bandwagon. It’s a crap shoot. It’s a matter of timing.

    I suppose it’s rough for one author to see another author celebrated on the bandwagon – for no other reason but happenstance – but that’s always the way it’s been.

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