journalismTrust, Privacy, Big Data, and e-Book Readers (The Scholarly Kitchen)
Data has been the topic of many a conversation in the past several years, particularly in the scientific community, which is awash in it and has undertaken many efforts to better manage it and better incorporate it into the scientific publication workflow.

How Journalism Schools Can Address the Gender Gap (MediaShift)
In a year where firebrand journalists were hailed “disrupters” and lauded for boldly shaking up the establishment while blazing a trail for the future of online journalism, the beneficiaries have been starkly homogenous: Nearly all were male, and the vast majority were white.

Self-Publishing Maturing, Up 17% Last Year in the U.S. (Digital Book World)
The self-publishing market is entering a new stage of maturity after an initial boom several years ago, according to Bowker’s latest analysis of ISBN registrations in the U.S. from 2008 through 2013.

Adobe’s Half-Assed Response to Spying on All Your Books (Techdirt)
Some of the research into what’s going on contradicts the claims of it only looking at books “currently being read,” but even if that’s true, it doesn’t make the snooping any less disturbing.

Kindle Daily Deal: Dangerous Games (and others)


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