ComiXologyMore Publishers Join Comixology’s DRM-Free Program (PW)
Digital comics marketplace Comixology, which launched a DRM-free program in July, announced that a second wave of 14 publishers will now allow their customers to download and store DRM-free copies of comics they have purchased.

Barnes & Noble Suspends Ability to Download Nook eBooks (GoodeReader)
The Barnes and Noble customer care division has sent out a tweet, letting people know that this is their new policy and not a bug. “The ability to sideload NOOK purchased content has been discontinued. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.”

HarperCollins to Help Indie Bookstores With Express Shipping During Holidays (GalleyCat)
HarperCollins Publishers has revealed plans for a new Holiday Express Shipping program to help support independent bookstores across the country during the holidays.

New Zealand’s Highest Court: Anyone Can be a Journalist, and that Includes Bloggers (GigaOM)
New Zealand’s highest court has ruled that a blogger was engaged in journalism, and therefore is entitled to certain protections afforded to journalists, even though he was not affiliated with a traditional media organization.

Kindle Daily Deal: The Repo (and others)


  1. Blame me, not Joanna, for the typo. I was the one who wrote the headline.

    @Chris, I changed it in the URL. I can show you how if you ever need to do it for one of your posts. Hopefully you won’t have to fix one of my goofs again. Thank you for taking care of it!

  2. @Juli, the problem with changing the URL is that it breaks the links from any previously-posted shares, meaning people who click on the posting to Twitter or Facebook will get a 404 error. I try to avoid that as a matter of policy. It’s not good for traffic to give our readers a 404.

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