Surface Pro 3Oops! Microsoft hints at a Surface Pro 3 (GigaOM)
An official Microsoft support page spotted by The Verge references the Surface Pro 3, a device that doesn’t yet exist.

Keeping It Real — Are Our Technology Expectations Out of Whack? (The Scholarly Kitchen)
Of course, these complaints are rife with contradictions. We want unlimited horsepower at low prices; we want more platform provider options but a “one-stop shop”; and we want them to be both unlimited in their scope and simple to work with.

Photographer Who Settled With Twitter Over Copyright Infringement Allegations Now Targeting Google (Techdirt)
As Mike opined during Boffoli’s initial infringement lawsuit, this has all the hallmarks of a “Steve Dallas lawsuit” — something pursued not because the named party is in the wrong, but because that party has deeper pockets.

Ebooks Account for 34% of Q1 Revenues for Hachette in U.S., 40% in UK (Digital Book World)
Ebook sales for the publishing division “outperformed a stabilizing market.”

Kindle Daily Deals: The Girl Who Fell From the Sky (and others)


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