Yes, the moment I’ve all been waiting for: My spanking new Kindle Fire just stepped off the mail from the UK. All in one piece and doing just fine.

I’ll give you some more feedback and user reports as soon as I’ve had a chance to do more than woot. (And that’s woot: not root.) Chris Meadows has already done an excellent unboxing and first impressions report, and I won’t attempt to go over the same ground. Enough to add, right now, that the device can be deregistered from an existing user account and re-registered to a new one while you’re based in a completely different geography (in this case, Hungary) without an apparent glitch. Just in case, for instance, Joanna Cabot wants to get one mailed to Canada.

I’ll be back soon with more news on my new treasure. Watch this space – because I sure as hell will be watching its screen …


  1. @Paul: Congrats on your toy! Looking forward to your own $50 Fire tips! As it stands, arrangements have already been made for Joanna to receive her own econo-Fire in the next few weeks, and if Susan Lulgjuraj shows interest, then we’ll “Fire” her, too.


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