Most ebook promotions today involve either steep discounting or bundling multiple formats, but Seth Godin’s The Domino Project is trying something different with its new title “Anything You Want” by Derek Sivers. The ebook will cost you about $8 on the Amazon Kindle Store, which is less than many new releases but not by much. However, it comes with a code good for 200 free songs from indie musicians, hand selected by Sivers, who founded CD Baby and has a deeply personal connection with the indie music scene.

Could this sort of cross-promotional bundling be a viable marketing strategy for other publishers? Assuming you could access your customer data—which is a big assumption, since Amazon and other retailers won’t share that—I can imagine some companies might be willing to spend a little to market directly to a specific market segment (a cookware manufacturer and people who buy cookbooks, for example), especially since it looks like added value and not advertising. It could also be a way for publishers to bring in some extra revenue without sullying ebook editions with ads.

Via paidContent.


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