What B&N is describing as the “largest NOOK Color software update ever that will bring access to movies, TV shows, hundreds of new apps, comics, graphic novels and more” has been released.  According to their website the update includes:

The NOOK Color Ver 1.4.1 update contains new features and enhancements, including: 

  • Access to popular movies and TV shows streamed through Netflix
  • NOOK Comics™ including the largest collection of Marvel graphic novels – with vivid colors & rich images, the action nearly jumps off the page. Your issues always in perfect condition to enjoy again & again.
  • PagePerfect™ NOOK Books™ – a whole new category of NOOK Books carefully crafted to keep the precision and beauty of their stunning print versions. Zoom in on pictures, and fluidly scroll through pages of beautiful cookbooks, art books, and more.
  • Over 100 enhancements, including reading NOOK Books in portrait and landscape modes, direct look-up of words in the built-in dictionary, increased font size selection, and more.

The full press release is here.  The update will be pushed to Nook owners during the next two weeks, and the site recommends that you leave your WiFi on during this period so the update can be received.


  1. Great update; installed it today (manually though it only takes 5-10 minutes to dld and put on the NC, then the NC does the rest by itself).

    Some cool stuff – the pdf’s now can be read with the usual NC reader in addition to the Quick Office; I have EZPdf too and that got an update also.

    New fonts/looks/spacing/margins – love some new spacing things as they de-clutter some e’s I have without needing to use the larger font that I used before; did not play too much with the new choices beyond that but there quite a few new ones.

    More little differences here and there too, but did not use anything else as I use my NC only for reading with occasional browsing on the go, though my 10 year old son loves playing Angry Birds of all things on it…

    Great post anyway as it alerted me to the major update.

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