The Notion Ink Adam is starting to look like a very interesting device. It probably won’t be the proverbial “iPad killer”, but as TechCrunch reports, for the smaller group of enthusiasts who have been supporting it, the device is an excellent tablet.

But it’s an excellent tablet that very few people outside that small group of enthusiasts seems to know about. Notion Ink really hasn’t done much publicity for the device, and it has gone almost unmentioned in the main media. They didn’t even have their own booth at CES, instead sharing with screen manufacturer Pixel Qi who wouldn’t even let TechCrunch see it. (They had to email the CEO to get a meet-up at last.)

In the end, TechCrunch suggests, it’s a decent-looking little Android tablet but its relative obscurity doesn’t bode well for its future survival. They were a little underwhelmed by its performance at CES, but they look forward to trying it out more fully all the same.

And I have to admit, I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on one myself.


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