Wow, Notion Ink is still around. After a promising buildup for its “Adam” Pixel Qi-display Android tablet, followed by lackluster reviews of the finished product, the company kind of faded into the background. Notion Ink is moving forward with plans for an Adam 2, powered by a TI OMAP processor rather than NVidia’s Tegra.

The company feels it will be able to get more performance out of an Omap than it could a Tegra. On Notion Ink’s “Designing Adam 2” blog, Rohan Shravan promises:

Unlike last time where we banked on Tegra without possibly fully utilizing its power, this time our focus is to offer TI the best product based on OMAP. TI is a very respectable firm and I believe Adam II will be a marvel in their portfolio.

The company may face an uphill battle against Amazon’s Kindle Fire, which a lot of people are finding is all the tablet they need. It remains to be seen whether a daylight-visible Pixel Qi screen will provide enough of a competitive advantage., and whether Notion Ink can improve the performance significantly over the original Adam.

(Found via Engadget.)


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