oasisreadingonbalconyOwn an Oasis and don’t want to see Amazon book recommendations cluttering your home screen.

Want just your own e-books there?

And how about another issue—how to read books in the landscape mode, so the column of text on your Oasis is wider?

Here are easy solutions, which will also work on the Paperwhite and other Kindle machines using the same interface. I haven’t tried this stuff on the basic Kindle. But it’ll probably work.

Getting rid of Amazon book recs on the home screen

  1. From the home screen, tap the the dots to the right. You’ll see Settings.
  2. Choose Device Options.
  3. Then tap on Personalize Your Kindle.
  4. Then Advanced Options.
  5. Then Manage Home Screen View. Choose Off, and, eureka, the clutter will vanish next time you’re firing up the Kindle (and maybe even before).

With your own books dominating the screen, you can sort by Title, Author or Collection. You can also choose whether you want to see images of books covers (Grid) or—to speed things up—just a List view. Just try tapping on the downward-pointing triangles.

Yes, plenty of people will disagree with me and want to see the recs. But if you don’t, you have a solution now. Got opinions to share on this issue? The comments area awaits you.

Reading in the landscape mode

  1. Within a book, tap the top of the screen to see the basic in-book menu.
  2. Tap on the Aa for the typographical menu.
  3. Choose Page.
  4. Then tap on the icon of a page in horizontal orientation. Use the X to get rid of the typographical menu and you’ll be back in your book.

Questions? Don’t be shy. Nothing is too basic for you to ask us about.

(Via MobileRead.)


  1. @Nate: And actually I think there are people with more recent Oasis firmware versions than mine. Meanwhile we’ll root for Bluetooth coming along in one of them! Just stay out of airplane mode, and the update will probably happen within two days so

  2. Thanks for the tip on landscape mode. I’d totally forgotten how to set that, and it’s nice to know (again). I wish it was easier to set – perhaps a preference that you could turn on (or leave off) where if you turned the Kindle the screen would flip.

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