IDTechEx AMOLED graphA new research report from IDTechEx Research, entitled “OLED Display Forecasts 2016-2026: The Rise of Plastic and Flexible Displays, ” forecasts accelerating adoption for the technology that Samsung and its ilk may be using soon for foldable, rollable displays for e-reading and other uses. The report predicts that “the market will reach nearly $16 billion this year and will grow to $57 billion in 2026.”

The IDTechEx introduction to the report states that: “OLED technology has recently gained significant market share in the display market. OLED displays are now mass produced for mobile phones, tablets, TVs, and wearables … The latest evolution is plastic and flexible displays. Compared to conventional glass-based displays, plastic AMOLED panels are much thinner and lighter, enabling either slimmer devices or bigger batteries. Future flexible displays will also make foldable mobile devices a reality.”
As you can see from the graph above, we’re talking about a huge increase in the value of this market, according to IDTechEx, with most of the growth in the mobile space, despite the obvious potential of the technology in wearables. And when you consider how many premium devices from Samsung and other manufacturers are already sporting AMOLED and other OLED displays, it’s easy to imagine a mobile future just four years down the line dominated by all-rolling, all-folding devices. Happy e-reading, people, above or below the fold…
[And thanks to Chris Meadows for the title…]


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