Bed bugs and other pests are only risks for readers of paper books, right? Well, not so fast if you include germs.

Research from some years back shows that cell phones can carry ten times more germs than toilet seats. Besides, just where do you think some people check up on e-mail or update Facebook or, yes, e-read?

Cell phones are also what many hold close to their mouths.

So if you’re worried, go ahead and play Scrooge and do not share your beloved phone with friends or family. Or if you must, use some kind of anti-bacterial wipe that will not damage the phone—beware of sprays. Check with your phone manufacturer if in doubt.

You could also buy an anti-bacterial skin for your cell phone or, if you can find one, a phone with antibacterial properties built in. Motorola sold at least one model like that some years back. Any equivalents around today?

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