A Financial Times (FT) journalist believes that Oprah is likely to endorse the Kindle on her show on Friday. The front page of the Amazon store displays a teaser video featuring the talk show star; however, it is modified so that the gadget Oprah holds in her hand is hidden behind a superimposed light burst. The video ends with the injunction, “Watch the Oprah show, then order yours at Amazon.com.” FT says:

Kindle sales appear likely to get a significant boost on Friday, with talk-show megastar Oprah Winfrey apparently about to endorse Amazon’s digital book reader.

Amazon is featuring a trailer of her Friday show on its site with Oprah talking about her new “favourite gadget” which is “life changing for me”. From a side-on view, the product she is talking about looks very like a Kindle.

In an email to subscribers, Amazon says its founder Jeff Bezos will be appearing on Oprah to talk to her about her new favourite gadget.

Earlier Mike Cane pointed out the upcoming Oprah endorsement in a comment on TeleRead.

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