From the press release:

For sixty-five years, Penguin Classics has been the leading publisher of literature in the English-speaking world, providing readers with a global bookshelf of the greatest works throughout history and across genres and disciplines. The Penguin Classics app puts the complete list of Penguin Classics in the palm of your hand in a fun and easy-to-use manner.

For those new to the Classics or unsure of what you want to read, the app features a “Discover the Classics” section that lets you pick what Classics you should read based on your interests. Give your iPhone a shake and let the app pick a title for you. In addition to featuring annotated descriptions of over 1,500 Penguin Classics titles, the app challenges readers to test their Penguin Classics knowledge with a fun and engaging quiz that spans over 65 Classics works.

Additional unique features include:

  • A My Classics section where users can bookmark titles as well as keep track of Classics that they’ve read or want to read
  • An Essential Classics section, a must for any Classics aficionado
  • Facebook integration so you can share quiz scores, along with the Penguin Classics you’ve read and those you’re planning to read, with your Facebook friends
  • The app will be continually updated with news, additional quizzes and lists, events info, and the latest Penguin Classics titles.

More info here.


  1. I followed the link to their info page and looked everywhere for a cost and didn’t see it mentioned. Since I can get all the classics I want free at, I wouldn’t be interested in paying for the same thing from Penguin. Has anyone tried this and, if so, is there a cost for the books you choose to download?

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