photo13_m.jpgHere is the latest from a press release I just received from PocketBook.

PocketBook USA, the North American division of PocketBook International, will display their entire line of e-reader products at the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, January 6-9.

One of the world’s top five producers of electronic reading devices, PocketBook sells more than 50,000 e-readers each month through offices in the USA, Germany, Russia, China and the Middle East with a distribution network covering more than 20 countries worldwide.

The company will showcase a number of different product models — PocketBook Pro 602, Pro 902 – standard models, PocketBook Pro 603, Pro 903 – premium class models.

“The primary difference between the 602 and the 902 models are the screen size and battery,” says PocketBook USA’s Marketing & Sales Manager Leon Sheiman. According to Sheiman, the 602 is a smaller unit with a longer battery life (six inches and 14,000 page turns) while the 902 has a larger screen and a shorter duration between power-ups (10 inches and 7,000 page turns). Despite these physical differences, both models can be used for either work or play. Such flexibility in use is a hallmark not only of these models but of the Pro 603 and Pro 903 as well.

The updated PocketBook Pro 603 and Pro 903 are the company’s premium class models. The two models differ in screen size with the Pro 603 measuring 6” and the Pro 903 measuring 9.7”. They also differ in battery life with the Pro 603 capable of 14,000 page flips per charge and the Pro 903 capable of 7,000 page flips per charge. These upgraded versions possess a stylus touch module for the input device and are best suited for customers who desire the most advanced technological devices. Whether using one of the models for work or play, these premium e-readers are sure to satisfy a user’s wants and needs.


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