Still without power and may be in this condition for the rest of the week. It’s interesting how WiFi is of little help in this situation. The local Starbucks, and other WiFi hotspots, are jammed and one simply can’t get in. The local library is also packed and the WiFi is completely overloaded. No help there.

Aside from the lack of power, I’m on a well so I have no water, as well as no heat. Of course, recharging my laptops, or this 3g iPad and my phone, is problematical. I just was able to find a small inverter so I can recharge laptops and iPad from the car. Tomorrow I’m going to try tethering my laptop to my 4G Droid and see how that goes. Laptop and phone can be powered from the car. I’ll have to see how much of my tethering allowance is used up by a few posts.

After the rush is over, it’s probably time to put in a generator.


  1. Hope you get your power back soon, P.

    Plenty of others are in your situation, too… and some of them spend more time without power than with. It makes you think about how we all use power, and how dependent we are on systems we have no control over. The cloud computing push concerns me that way: If you lose access to the cloud, by problems at their end or yours, how do you access your data? What good is your data when you can’t get to it?

    After the recent article describing how WiFi is getting overwhelmed in hotels, etc, this is especially poignant. What good is a 4G phone if the network won’t let it in?

    As the weather gets more and more unpredictable and extreme, we should be thinking about the infrastructures we use, and how vulnerable they are to external forces… and how vulnerable we are to losing them.

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