muse.gifFrom an Announcement on the Project MUSE Web Site by Melanie Schaffner:

The newly confirmed participants include Catholic University of America Press, Columbia University Press, Fordham University Press, Georgetown University Press, Syracuse University Press, University of Hawaii Press, University of Michigan Press, University of Texas Press, and University of Wisconsin Press. These presses bring to eighteen the current number of not-for-profit scholarly publishers committed to the planned [e-books collections].

Other publishers already announced as participating in the program are Baylor University Press, Brookings Institution Press, ELT Press, Indiana University Press, Johns Hopkins University Press, Kent State University Press, Penn State University Press, Purdue University Press, and University of Illinois Press.

Preliminary information gathered from the currently confirmed presses indicates that MUSE’s initial Fall 2011 offering will contain upwards of 350 books, across a broad range of scholarly disciplines…The anticipated collection size will continue to grow as more publishers sign on. MUSE expects to offer in its first season both a complete collection of all books in the program, and selected subject-based collections. Subject collections will be built around areas of critical mass among the specific books included, and are expected to complement MUSE’s existing strengths in disciplines such as literature, history, and religion.

MUSE e-book collections will be offered for purchase on a seasonal (Fall/Spring) basis…Specific details, including lists of included titles, and collection pricing, will be released no later than March 2011.

Learn More About the MUSE E-Books Program in this Announcement from September 9th.

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