images.jpgEther Books has looked at the population of devices out there and has concluded that the mobile phone is the best way to do for its ebooks, says the Inquirer.

Speaking to Reuters at the London Book Fair: “The tech press may be slavering over the Ipad, Kindle and Sony Ereader as traditional publishers leap over themselves to expand their e-book offerings,” Ether Books digital director Maureen Scott told Reuters.

“But at Ether Books we’ve made the decision to go straight to distributing short works via our Iphone app to devices people already own, are familiar with and are happy to use when they have 10-15 minutes to spare.”


  1. Hello… and wake up!

    There are dozens of new Android phones hitting the market. Android is beginning to take serious amounts
    of market share away from IPhone.

    Also, a ebook can be HTML format read by any mobile browser, including my cheapo phones I use for testing,
    which read XHTML and HTML5 ebooks just fine.

    IPhone is not the only game in town. And Steve Jobs
    is not “God”.

    There are other “religions” in the world

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