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The simple list of quick links to most popular sections of Kindle Store is one of the most visited pages on our site.

Here is a new directory, intended to make the life of ebook lovers a bit easier. This time it’s for Barnes & Noble’s Nook Store.

When it comes to navigation, Nook Store is essentially different from Kindle. In Amazon’s site it’s hard to find content, as it’s overloaded with departments, pages, and special sections. In Nook Store, which isn’t that content-rich, it’s on the other hand, very easy to get lost.

The reason is that the left sidebar displays links dynamically. It’s being adjusted to the content of the current page. For example, the Customer Favorites section is changing all the time, and often shows links to pages of different nature (major sections, but also simple search pages with no headlines).

As a result, you may be clicking backward and forward just to find the interesting link you’ve seen there a couple of clicks, well, forward or backward. If that helps, you can read B&N’s search tips.

Kindle Store is famous for delivering RSS feeds for many of their lists. Quite surprisingly, there is only one feed for the entire Barnes & Noble. It’s for the B&N Review blog – you can get the RSS channel from this link.

The list of most popular links in Nook Store is shown below. It will be updated frequently on this special page. If anything is missing, please suggest new additions.

We are planning to prepare similar directories for other ebookstores, as well. Please leave in the comments below, what ebookstores you would like to see simplified that way.

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Nook Store Home Page: Link – Short link:

The landing page of B&N’s ebookstore. To narrow your search by content type, please choose from a list below:

Nook Books: Link
Enhanced Nook Books: Link
Nook Newsstand – newspapers and magazines: Link
Free Nook Apps: Link
Nook Devices: Link
Nook Accessories: Link

Customer Favorites

Most visited Nook Store sections.

Instant Collections: Link
New Releases: Link
Trending and Popular: Link
Coming Soon: Link
LendMe™ Book Books – bestselling favorites to share with friends & family:Link
Nook Snaps – quick reads for every moment: Link

Nook Bestsellers

Bestsellers in Nook Store. Please select one of the categories from below:

B&N Top 100: top-selling Nook books : Link
New York Times Bestsellers – fiction: Link

PubIt Bestsellers: top-selling self-published books: Link

Recommended Books

Books recommended by Barnes & Noble editors (print and Nook books combined).

Booksellers’ Picks: Link
Best of Month: Link
B&N Recommends: Link

Nook Daily Find: Link – Short link: bit/ly/nookdeal

Every day one great book is offered at a discounted price, usually for $2.99.

Other Nook Books with Bargain Prices

Browse more low-priced books from Nook Store.

Nook Daily Find Families: Link
Discounted Nook Books: Link

Free Nook Books: Link
Nook Books Under $5: Link

Nook Kids Store: Link

Great books for your kids in four sections:

Nook Comics: Link
Nook Kids Read to Me™: Link
Nook Kids Read and Play™: Link
Free Nook Books for Kids: Link

Barnes & Noble Reviews: RSS

The Barnes & Noble Review is an online publication that brings readers smart and useful appraisals of books, music, and DVDs, as well as essays, interviews, and other features.

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