Slashdot has a comment thread about what the best e-book device currently is. There is quite a lot of talk of e-ink vs. LCD, open format vs. DRM, and other interesting discussion.

Have you ever wished it was easier to read a book (or e-book) while lying flat on your back? Either your neck gets tired craning to see it, or your arms get tired holding it up. Well, these $50 prism glasses I found in Gizmodo might offer a solution: they point your vision straight down, so you can read a book held upright while lying on your back. You’ll probably still look fairly silly, though.

TechDirt links to behavioral economist Dan Ariely’s analysis of the New York Times’s paywall plan. Ariely notes that the problem with charging for something that used to be free is that we’ve already been trained to have certain price expectations—so the best way to get us to pay more is to offer a new and different experience.

Interestingly, people have been saying similar things about getting consumers to pay the higher prices publishers want for e-books. It remains to be seen whether the Times or e-book publishers will be doing this, however.


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