image Own a Cybook? Whether or not you’ve had screen woes with it, please take our poll so we can see if display problems are common. You can fill out the form in just a second. Be fair to Bookeen. I don’t want just disgruntled owners participating. Make comments here.

Update, 1:31 a.m. today: So far the results from 87 respondents are: 86 percent no problems, 5 percent “I was definitely at fault,” 1 percent “may have been at fault,” and 8 percent “I’m certainly NOT to blame.” The bottom line is that 14 percent have had breakage problems, and most of those blame the Cybook. Are we drawing more than an usual percentage of disgruntled owners? Or is this typical?

Update, 3:55 p.m. yesterday: The word from NAEB, which sells Cybooks, is to treat ’em very carefully.


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