fintie-caseNow that the Kindle Oasis has come out, it seems the first of the Oasis accessories are coming out, too. In particular, Fintie has a line of inexpensive synthetic-leather “cases” (or at least covers) for the Kindle Oasis. Going by the prices—ranging from $5.99 to $9.99—it seems obvious these do not incorporate the battery-charging capability of the case that comes with it (though it does have the traditional magnetic latch that turns the Kindle off when closed).

Nor is Fintie the only manufacturer—if you go to the tablet cases category and search on “Oasis,” quite a few similar cases of various different brands pop up—some apparently replacement covers, others actual full-cases that you slide the device into.

But given the price, this could actually be a clever idea. If you’re only going to be carrying the Oasis for a few hours so running out of juice isn’t an issue, why not leave the leather cover at home and slap on a cheaper (and, sans battery, lighter) one to keep your device safe? You could even buy several and switch them out depending on your mood.

It remains to be seen whether other manufacturers will come up with their own battery cases, or perhaps other cases with things like speakers built in (if the Oasis should end up getting a read-aloud text-to-speech mode). It’s early days yet, so we’ll just have to wait and see.

(Found via eBook Evangelist.)


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