You may have noticed that I haven’t been around much for the last few days. I was getting ready for and then attending the Creatures, Crime and Creativity Conference that was held last weekend in Baltimore.

Jeffery Deaver keynote

While I’ve attended numerous conferences, this was my first writer’s conference, and I admit I’m now spoiled for anything else. I’ve never had the chance to network and chat with so many writers, and I’m hungry to do it again.

I had a chance to interview several authors, including Brian Keene, John Gilstrap, D.B Corey and Jeffery Deaver. Look for those interviews when I’ve had a chance to transcribe them. I think Brian’s will be of especial interest to anyone who wants to make writing fiction a full-time career.

Austin Camacho interviewing author John Gilstrap at the Saturday breakfast

It was my first time attending a conference in three roles: conference board member, attendee and journalist. I definitely wished I could have cloned myself because I didn’t have a chance to attend as many panels as I’d liked, but it didn’t stop me from learning so much and getting tons of great ideas on the craft of writing, marketing books and on getting books into bookstores. Plus, how often can you discuss serial killers at breakfast? We had a lively discussion of whether women can be serial killers or just spree killers. Feel free to chime in with your own opinions in the comments.

Me at the bar with author Brian Keene

The best part, however, was hanging out in the bar into the wee hours with the guests and other members. It surprised me how few of us there were in the bar both evenings. While the panels were great, I got some of the best ideas just hanging out talking to authors. Not to mention experiencing the fun of listening to some pretty famous guys discuss their favorite movies. Jaws and The Exorcist were run-away favorites for the best horror movies ever.

I’m convinced that all authors, new and experienced, will find something useful at a conference. I’m going to be checking my calendar and looking for others nearby. Anyone else want to share their favorite conference? I’m open to ideas of which one(s) to attend next.


  1. Linda, would have loved to see you at the bar, but you and Bob had extenuating circumstance. Still, I was glad to have met both of you!

    @Marilynn, thanks. I know several members of the local RWA chapter, and I will be looking at their events.

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