nojellyfishThe mysterious purchaser of the domain name has come forward and revealed his plans for the site using it. The intention of the new Righthaven site is to provide a Switzerland- and Iceland-based web-hosting haven for web publishers whose works might attract the sort of frivolous litigation exemplified by the previous owner of the domain name. will provide shared and dedicated server hosting services to clients who expect just a little more backbone from their provider. Well, actually a lot more backbone.

We call it "spineful hosting" and not only do we think it is a "great idea"™ but as nearly fanatical advocates for the freedom of expression we are pretty sure it is also "the right thing to do."™ Then again, we are prone to agree with ourselves quite often.

This “spineful hosting” idea certainly explains the site’s “no jellyfish” logo.

The site’s FAQ page makes it clear that that new Righthaven will not be hosting flat-out illegal activities such as torrent or other piracy sites, but rather “expression that has traditionally been subjected to frivolous legal threats based on its content.”

We are simply not in this to host actually infringing material. We’re here to be a spineful host and, as a result, to devote the necessary expertise and resources to separate legitimate infringement claims from meritless, frivolous, and malicious claims calculated to suppress free expression. Whatever the short term gains, plating "fast and loose" in this field is simply not worth it in the long run.

The site will also be engaging the legal services of Marc Randazza, who has also been the most active defense attorney fighting the old Righthaven’s machinations.

What with the threat of SOPA and PIPA on the horizon, and plenty of corporate interests ready to abuse the DMCA’s takedown provision, this idea of international “spineful hosting” seems like one whose time has come. It will be interesting to see how well it all works out.

(Found via BoingBoing.)


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