On Saturday, I bought a shiny new Nexus 7, which I already love. After the obligatory new app download frenzy, I switched my attention to selecting a case. After a happy half hour or so of browsing Amazon, I found one I liked.

I used a similar selection process to the one I wrote about in my article on selecting an iPad case. I didn’t see a case from Targus that was similar to the one I have for my iPad, but MoKo had one that seemed pretty close, so I bought it.

Amazon was nice to me and delivered it on Monday (even without paying for one-day shipping), and I’ve been using it for a couple of days now.

So far I like it. It’s light and doesn’t add much bulk to the Nexus 7. If anything, it makes it feel better in my hands. Since I’ve gotten used to the greater weight of an iPad, the “naked” Nexus felt too light.

The tablet fits securely in the MoKo case with its padded clip-style fasteners at each corner. No part of the screen is obscured, which is important to me. All buttons, the micro-USB slot and the headphone jack are easily available. There are cut-outs for the speakers. It bends back into two landscape angles, one of which is good for video viewing, while the other is good for typing.

This case is my first experience with an auto sleep/wake case, which I think is required for the Nexus 7. I’m still getting used to the lack of a home button, and the auto wake is much nicer than fumbling for the power button. The case sleeps and wakes when you want it to and doesn’t when you don’t, like when you fold the front cover behind for one-handed use.

Speaking of one-hand use, it does have a hand strap, but I haven’t used it much. It looks like an interesting feature, but it hasn’t appealed to me. If you like hand straps for one-handed use, you’ll probably like this one.

It’s backed by a lifetime warranty, and the company sent me an email just hours after I’ve received it, asking if I was satisfied. They said if I had any problems, at any time, to let them know. From the reviews on Amazon, it sounds like the company stands behind their products.

All in all, a good case. At $16.99, it is a great value.

This review originally appeared on GadgeTell.


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