Although not a lot can top the last Righthaven story in my book, a couple of post-scripts that have come up since then. First, the domain name has been sold for $3,300 to an unknown buyer. There’s not anything actually up on that website at the moment, but keep watching. Proceeds will go toward paying off Righthaven’s hefty legal fees.

A bit more amusing is the note from a few days ago concerning a January 5th hearing that Righthaven’s main lawyer, Shawn Mangano, blew off. When the judge phoned him to ask why he wasn’t in court, Mangano said he “thought it was tomorrow.” (Of course, that still didn’t explain why Righthaven failed to produce requested documentation a week prior to this hearing.) A new hearing has been scheduled for tomorrow, January 9th, at 9 a.m.—though it’s not clear whether Righthaven will “remember” to show up for that one either.

Go on, Righthaven. Do whatever it is you’re gonna do, and make me send out for more popcorn. The way you’ve acted so far, I can’t possibly predict what you’ll do next, but whatever it is, I’m sure it will be awesome.


  1. Hi, are you sure of this news?
    I found this on another website:

    “Friday, January 6th, 2012
    Domain name used by “copyright troll” auctioned off for $3,300., the domain name that once belonged to the scourge of the internet, has sold in a public auction at SnapNames for $3,300. ”

    Do you think it’s not true?


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