It’s a little weird to begin every post I make about the company this way, but the saga of e-news copyright troll Rights Haven’t, I mean Righthaven, keeps getting better and better.

First came the news that a Colorado court has thrown out the first Righthaven case to be thrown out outside of Nevada. The reason given was the same as in the Nevada cases: lack of standing to sue, because the Righthaven rights agreement wasn’t valid for that purpose. Furthermore, the Colorado judge ordered Righthaven to reimburse the defendant’s legal fees.

And speaking of paying defendants’ legal fees, Techdirt’s Mike Masnick reports that Righthaven is still desperately trying to weasel out of its obligation to pay the $30,000 legal fees in the last case we mentioned it losing. This time it’s filed an “urgent motion” with the appeals court above the circuit court that made the payment order, asking that the appeals court set aside the fees because Righthaven thinks it will win on appeal.

Leaving aside altogether how miniscule the actual chances of that might be, as Masnick points out, the wording of the motion (embedded in the Techdirt article) seems to show some fairly obvious contempt and mockery on Righthaven’s part toward the circuit court judge.

It doesn’t really seem like using that kind of phrasing is the wisest of ideas. After all, even if the appeals court doesn’t see anything wrong with that, the circuit judge is going to end up seeing that motion himself sooner or later, and I seem to recall this one had already lost most of what little patience he’d ever had with Righthaven.

Or to put it another way, do not taunt Happy Fun Judge.

Oh well. I can’t wait to find out what happens next! This is better than a soap opera.


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