SlashGear Samsung rollable display videoSamsung is rolling out a new line of flexible display technology, as already mentioned previously in TeleRead. And SlashGear shared an actual video preview of this technology in operation – or at least the prototype stage. The prototype was shown off at SID 2016 in San Francisco, the same appearance that led to the first report on the new iteration in the Korea Herald. And the video itself of the 1920 x 1080 resolution 5.7-inch Full HD screen has almost to be seen to be believed, as its brilliant colors unroll and roll again round its spindle without a single blink or loss of clarity.

According to the report, the display will currently roll up into a 10 mm diameter tube. That’s clearly thicker than almost any smartphone currently on the market. But this technology looks worth looking at new form factors for, and Amazon’s Kindle Oasis is perhaps a precedent for an ebook reading device that has one far thicker side, but which still works supremely well as cutting-edge e-reading tech. Meanwhile, the video itself is a pleasure to watch, and I’m sure the display itself will be just as much of a pleasure to use.

(Photo above and linked video courtesy of SlashGear)


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