Club_Logo_Lg.gifReader fjtorres sent me the following email:

SFBC (and History Book Club) is running an online survey on book-buying habits and sounding out the possibilities for an ebook operation, including selling an ebook reader for $99.

Don’t know if this link will work for you (or if you got a similar email) but since I filled out the SFBC version (it tries to pretend Webscriptions doesn’t exist, amusingly), this might give you a look at the questions:

I’m glad he did because I got emails from both BOMC and SFBC about a survey and deleted both of them without reading them. I haven’t bought a book from either one of them (despite have a credit at BOMC) in a long time because they don’t offer ebooks. Well, I resurrected the emails and replied to the BOMC survey. It was fairly lengthy and quite detailed as to the various ereaders and options out there.

Both clubs will get some business back from me if they do decide to offer ebooks (though I will continue to purchase hard copies of all of Terry Pratchett’s books for my collection).


  1. I clicked the link in your post and it gave me the survey for the History Bookclub. I haven’t bought from any of these clubs since I got my first eInk reader in ’07, but used to buy from them quite a bit.

  2. Same survey.
    This is the Link for the SFBC:
    And for non-fiction:

    The questions change a bit depending on your ebook-reading answers.
    Their questions about the features of a potential book club-branded ebook reader suggest they have Kindle on the brain. 😉

    They’re late to the game and their (apparent) approach is nothing special but at least they’re aware that *something* called ebooks became significant *two years go*. (riiighhht!)

    They keep it up, they might become relevant again, in a year or three…

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