Scottish poetry libraryAs already noted in Teleread, the Scottish Poetry Library (SPL) has launched a fundraising drive to provide the remaining tranche of funds needed to support renovation and expansion of its facilities, including the Space for Sound Campaign “to create a flexible, contemporary space that preserves the spirit and indeed much of the Library as it currently exists, while releasing its full potential as a place to bring people and poems together.” And now the SPL has launched an appeal via Just Giving, the charity/NGO donation site, to attract part of the funding it still needs.

“We need to raise the final £120,000 for a building renovation that will hugely improve our capacities,” states the SPL Just Giving page. “We hope to raise £20,000 of that sum through Just Giving, so please help us to reach our goal by donating £5 or more today.” At the time of writing, the SPL is 11 percent towards the  tranche it plans to raise via Just Giving, at £2,353 from 97 donations. Obviously, that kind of ratio bespeaks some fairly committed donors, and the largest donations are £100. Other donors are invited to join in – or simply to go to the SPL Shop to buy some of their special goods, which would help the SPL while making great Christmas presents.


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