scribd does comicsFirst eBooks, then audiobooks, and now comic books. What’s Scribd going to come up with next?

For you comic book readers, starting today, comics from several publishers will be added. From the release:

This offering represents the first time such a rich and varied selection of comics from some of the industry’s top publishers – including Marvel, Archie, Boom! Studios, Dynamite, IDW/Top Shelf, and Valiant – have been made available in one unlimited digital subscription service. The selection includes fan favorites from Spider-Man to My Little Pony to X-O Manowar, and from Transformers to Archie, along with hit YA series such as Locke & Key and acclaimed graphic novels by creators Alan Moore, Matt Fraction, Gail Simone, George R.R. Martin and more.

I’m particularly looking forward to browsing the graphic novel selections, and I was excited to see Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files comics are available. I started that series in Comixology and never got around to finishing it because I kept forgetting to check for new issues.

This announcement comes as I’m getting close to the end of my free year subscription for being a Smashwords author. Of course, I’ve been deciding if I will continue a subscription service, and, if so, which one? Stick with Scribd? Try Oyster, and see if I like their app any better than last time? Or pick up Kindle Unlimited and read subscription books on my Kindle?

scribd spiderman

While I am continually tempted by Kindle Unlimited because I can read those books on my Paperwhite, I’m pretty sure I’ll stick with Scribd. Just a couple of days ago, I was on my Kindle, ready to buy a book I needed to read for research for my next novel. I noticed the publisher (Simon & Schuster), and went to check if the book was in Scribd. It is, along with four other books by the same author. They were each about $9, and I’ll probably read through all of them in the next month or two. That’s a lot of money saved, but the books weren’t in KU.

The audiobook I’m listening to right now is in Scribd. While Kindle Unlimted does have audiobooks, their selection is limited, and most of the books I want to listen to are in Scribd. Kind of makes it an easy choice, doesn’t it?

Then they add comic books to sweeten the deal? In the beginning, Oyster and Scribd were pretty similar. At least for this reader, Scribd is a much better deal, making it worth dealing with books that can’t be read on my Kindle. Other people might not care about audiobooks or really love the Oyster reading themes, but I think overall, Scribd continues to be the best value in the subscription book field.


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